// A pick of the best upcoming events exploring cities, urbanism, architecture and urban life  //

// AUGUST //

00 // Sounds of the City: An exhibition of 100 illustrators presenting artwork that reflects their relationship with sound in our diverse and multi-layered cities. Accompanied by a series of events exploring urban sounds (London Transport Museum, UK, Until September 3)

00 // The City is Ours: An exhibition exploring the pleasures and challenges of urban living through a range of digital and physical interactives and films. Highlights ways in which communities and governments are working to improve city life, from reducing food waste to creating better transport systems (The Museum of London, UK, Until January 2)

26-27 // Shuffle Festival: Mile End hosts this community-focused festival with a range of walks, films, music and installations that seek to grow the conversation about how we can better integrate with the built and natural environments in cities, as well as each other. Includes a talk on the psychology of space, an exhibition about how community protest saved a local park, a walk to discover urban bats and a light show (Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, London, UK, August 26-27) 

29 // Liverpool: How long is a piece of rope?: RIBA North presents this talk examining the importance of architectural ambition especially in relation to Liverpool’s city centre regeneration (RIBA North, Liverpool, UK, August 29)

30 // The Cairo We Lost: Omniya Abdel Barr, Egyptian architect and co-founder of the Save Cairo campaign, discusses the richly varied architectural heritage of her city and the current fight to prevent its redevelopment (Mosaic Rooms, London, UK, August 30)


01 // Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism: The first of its kind, Seoul’s architecture and urbanism biennale takes as its theme “imminent commons”, exploring it through exhibitions and public events and reflecting on contemporary urbanism both in Seoul and globally (Seoul, South Korea, September 1 to November 5)

07 // How to Save a City: The Remaking of Liverpool 1976-2016: In this talk, Ian Wray – who has known or worked in Liverpool for over 30 years – sets out the story of the city’s journey back from the brink… and its revival (Tate Liverpool, UK, September 7)

12 // The London Salon: Protest in the City: As part of the City Now City Future season, leading writers, thinkers and filmmakers will talk about protest, dissent and subversive strategies in the city – from alternative responses to gentrification to activism in suburbia (The Museum of London, UK, September 12)

14-15 // Being a City in an Uncertain World: This two-day conference bringing together city officials, practitioners and researchers will reflect on the status of cities in a volatile political, environmental and social climate, and what can be done to help people better live together (Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine, Paris, France, September 14-15)

16 // Chicago Architecture Biennial: Exploring the theme “Make New History”, a series of installations, performances, talks, films, exhibition will examine how the latest architecture can and will make new history in places around the world (Across Chicago, US, September 16 to January 7)

28 // The City is Ours: Copper Lane Cohousing: The architects of 1-6 Copper Lane, London’s first cohousing project, discuss how co-housing communities are organised (The Museum of London, UK, September 28)

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