// A CALENDAR of the UK’s best upcoming events exploring cities, urbanism, architecture and urban life  //


// JUNE //

1–30 // London Festival of Architecture (LFA): An array of exhibitions, talks, walks, installations and more, exploring architecture in all its forms. This year’s theme is ‘boundaries’ (Across London, until 30 June)

04 // Zone in, zone out: should boundaries be celebrated?: Join the Young Urbanists as they ask: who do London’s planning boundaries really benefit? Part of LFA (The Gallery on Cowcross Street, London, 4 June)

04 // Walk the Line: The Distributed Vertical Border: This exhibition focuses on the seven cities that initiate the distributed border through Mexico, exploring how the movement of migrants affects the environment of the territory they navigate (RIBA, London, until 6 July)

06 // City, Essay, Film: Opening Screening: Urban Lab Films and Bertha DocHouse host an evening of experimental urban documentaries to open the City, Essay, Film series (Curzon Bloomsbury, London, 6 June)

06 // Blurring boundaries between inhabiting, designing, and making: In this evening lecture, architects and designers from five practices will present case studies in which processes of co-design and co-making are investigated. Part of LFA (University of Westminster, London, 6 June)

The County of London Plan by Patrick Abercrombie, 1943

07–23 // Architecture Fringe 2019: This two-week festival across Scotland celebrates and interrogates architecture, with a range of exhibitions, talks, installations and other events (Across Scotland, 7–23 June)

08 // Social Housing Not Social Cleansing: In this afternoon of talks, various campaign groups will discuss how they have been fighting the demolition of their council homes and estates, and what lessons they draw for other estates and the future of social housing (Four Corners Gallery, London, 8 June)

11 // Libraries as Civic Spaces: How could architecture better serve democracy? What is the role of libraries in citizen activism? Join the Finnish Institute in London for a debate on libraries as civic spaces (Clapham Library, London, 11 June)

15 // Unofficial Surveys: Us and our Built Environment: A collaborative workshop where we learn how techniques developed by a 1970s primary school art course can allow us to critique our built environment using our own observations and experiences (Wool Architecture and Design, Glasgow, 15 June)

Fancy? We Built This City

15 // Where is Glasgow Going?: An inclusive discussion on the direction of Glasgow’s urban renewal and how to make the city better (Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow, 15 June)

16 // Fancy? We Built This City: Do architects really know what a community wants or needs? As part of the Architecture Fringe, this drop-in workshop invites participants to build their dream spaces through discussions and creative activities with architects and artists (Leith Community Centre, Edinburgh, 16 June)

17 // Reframing Spaces in Caracas: Caracas is a city of contrasts, divided by physical and psychological barriers. This discussion will explore the theme of boundaries and thresholds in Caracas, and how public space interventions can help to positively transform the neighbourhoods. Part of LFA (The Building Centre, London, 17 June)

17// Participation from All Angles: How can we hear the voices currently missing from architectural discourse? This conversational event compiles experiences and examples of how people are involved in shaping places and spaces, as well as policy and decisions across government that shapes the world around them (National Records of Scotland, Edinburgh, 17 June)

Jane Jacobs

18 // A Slow Comfortable Screw Against a Wall: A walking tour with a twist (literally). Jeremy Rye and Dan Gibbons unpack their travelling bar across the City of London to  take you through a liquid history of the capital , uncovering the stories behind London’s licentiousness. Part of LFA (Tower Hill Garden, London, 18 June)

20 // Citizen Jane: Battle for the City: A rare screening of the documentary film about Jane Jacobs’ damning critique of 1960s urban growth, followed by a Q&A (The Boiler House, Newcastle, 20 June)

24 // Boundaries of WonderHow do visual, tactile and spatial aspects of cities influence our state of mind? Maria van Embden Andres will question if aesthetic interventions that create a sense of wonder can replace urban boundaries such as hedges, fences and walls. Part of LFA (Zela London, 24 June)

24 // Designing Inclusion: Join Architecture Sans Frontières in an exploration of initiatives in architecture and urban design which enable appropriate longer-term approaches to the reception of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in cities. Part of LFA (KPF, London, 24 June)


25 // City of Segregation meets Big Capital: Join the launch of City of Segregation: 100 Years of Struggle for Housing in Los Angeles, where author Andrea Gibbons will explore lessons from LA’s social movements along with the new forms of privatisation and of social and racial cleansing that have evolved in response (MediaCityUK, Salford, 25 June)

25 // Comics and the Latin American City: This conference will explore how Latin American comics address the city. How do artists use the comics form to address urban life? How has the representation of the city in comics changed over time? (University of Manchester, Manchester, 25 June)

26 // China’s Urban Revolution: Understanding Chinese Eco-Cities: This lunchtime lecture, from author Austin Williams, will explore the social, political, historical and cultural context for China’s environmental rise, and examine the benefits and dangers of China’s vast eco-city programme (V&A museum, London, 26 June)
Comics and the Latin American City

26 // How Do Women Experience External Spaces?: A screening of a range of short films, followed by a discussion, centring on women’s experience of public spaces. Hosted by Women in Architecture and part of LFA (Herman Miller, London, 26 June)

27 // Story Cities: A City Guide for the Imagination: Join the Manchester book launch of Story Cities: A City Guide for the Imagination, a collection of new flash fiction in multiple genres about the things you see, experience and feel in the city. The event will include readings from several of the contributing authors (Blackwell’s Bookshop, Manchester, 27 June)

29 // Designing Happy Cities: This lunchtime discussion will ask how purposeful design of the places we spend our lives in can promote civic engagement and reclaim our cities and towns for the benefit of those live there (V&A museum, London, 29 June)

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