// A pick of the best upcoming events exploring cities, urbanism, architecture and urban life  //

// JUNE //

01–30 // London Festival of Architecture: This year’s festival focuses in on architectural, urban and community identity, with an array of exhibitions, talks, workshops and walking tours hosted across the city (Across London, UK, June 1 to 30)

18 // Designing for diversity: How can the city become more inclusive, equal and attractive to everyone? This panel debate explores the value of inclusive, equitable places in the context of the Mayor’s Good Growth by Design programme (chaired by Thinking City!) (The City Centre, London, UK, June 18)

18 // Test Unit 2018: Cooperative city development: As part of Agile City’s summer school exploring cross-disciplinary approaches to urban development, this opening symposium tackles the challenges and opportunities of working co-operatively and harnessing grass-roots activity to achieve inclusive cities (Civic House, Glasgow, UK, June 18)TU2018+-+Opening+Symposium18 // Speculative utopias: The Museum of Architecture explores utopian ideas for cities from the 1920s to today, examining the legacy of this utopian thinking to map its value for contemporary architecture (Future Cities Catapult, London, UK, June 18)

19 // Test Unit 2018: Community consultation fatigue?: As new business models have arisen around community consultation for urban development, have we now reached a point of saturation whereby engagement is used to produce activity, without producing change? How can we better support the agency of communities? (The Whisky Bond, Glasgow, UK, June 19)

19 // Engineering Cities: Gender Walkshops: To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day 2018, artists will lead walking tours to creatively explore the gendered nature of urban environments and help interrogate new possibilities for urban design (Boston House, UCL, London, UK, June 19)

19–20 // The Belfast StreetSpace workshop: A two-day workshop to explore the complexity of local mixed-use streets in Belfast, and the potential for projects that provide fair, accessible and diverse streets for all (City Hall, Belfast, UK, June 19–20)VoE+She+Makes+She+Changes+graphic21 // Architecture Fringe 2018: She Makes, She Changes: A screening of documentary film, She Draws: She Builds, which talks to fifteen female architects about their practice, followed by a panel discussion on broader examples of women ‘creators’ in the historic built environment. Speakers include the filmmakers, historian Diane Watters, Architects For Change members Elsie Owusu and Selasi Setufe (Glasgow Women’s Library, Glasgow, UK, June 21)

22 // Whose place is is anyway?: A placemaking conference full of conversations and collaborative solutions for individuals and communities to imagine the sustainable future of the places they call home (Todmorden Town Hall, Todmorden, UK, June 22)

24 // Architecture Fringe 2018 | Future Living: An intergenerational coffee morning workshop inviting seniors and young people to consider and explore different ways in which we’ll live in our immediate and future lives (Custom Lane, Edinburgh, UK, June 24)

24 // Architecture Fringe 2018 closing lecture: Design critic Alice Rawsthorn, award-winning artist Jacqueline Donachie and 6a Architects co-founder Stephanie Macdonald come together to offer the closing lecture to Edinburgh’s Architecture Fringe (Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh, UK, June 24)

25 // Small-scale urbanism: post-industrial towns in the South West: Arup and the Academy of Urbanism host this evening talk focusing on the role of urbanism and bottom-up initatives in the transformation of post-industrial towns in south-west England (Arup, Bristol, UK, June 25)SONY DSC

30 // How does the city move you? On bodies, identity and urban design: At this workshop-conference, Theatrum Mundi asks: what if choreography could challenge assumptions about human bodies and how we move through cities, and help urban design imagine more diverse identities? (Siobhan Davies Studios, London, UK, June 30)

// JULY //

04 // Does industry belong in London?: A sparky debate about whether industry belongs in London, and if it does, where it should be and what it should be next to – and what is it anyway?

14 // Urban Pamphleteer #7 launch: LGBTQ+ night-time spaces: Urban Pamphleteer is a series of publications that confront key contemporary urban questions from diverse perspectives. Issue 7 gathers perspectives, provocations and vignettes on London’s LGBTQ+ night-time spaces, past, present and future (Museum of London, London, UK, July 14)



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