// A pick of the best upcoming events exploring cities, urbanism, architecture and urban life  //


00 // London Symphony: A brand new city symphony film – a silent movie that takes a poetic journey through the life of a city  – has been created by Alex Barrett focusing on London. Screenings take place across the UK throughout autumn and winter – see full schedule here (UK, Until February 23)

18 // Photography and Sound: Urban Encounters: An evening of performance, talks and discussion on the topic of visual and sonic interventions, urban encounters, sensors and senses (Bartlett School of Architecture, London, UK, January 18)

18 // Urban Design and Mental Health: Lessons from Hong Kong and Tokyo: Dr Layla McCay discusses how urban design can help improve public mental health and the lessons learned from designing Asia’s mega-cities for better mental health (Urban Innovation Centre, London, UK, January 18)

18 // Architecture and the ‘Return to the Inner City’: The event will look at inner-city regeneration in European cities over the last few decades — from its architectural articulation to problematic impacts (The Lighthouse, Glasgow, UK, January 18) 

23 // Resource Urbanisms — report launch: Resource Urbanisms looks at land and energy resources and explores their relationships with city form, urban dwelling and mobility with reference to the Asian cities of Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Hong Kong (LSE, London, UK, January 23)


24 // Dispersal: urban change in east London: Urban planning and architectural historian Juliet Davis will be talking about her book, Dispersal, which explores the post-Olympics transformation of East London and the displacement of industrial uses (Stour Space, London, UK, January 24)

24 // Building Better Homes: A panel event examining the role of architects in creating housing that can give us more than just shelter amid a housing crisis. How can we create homes which have a positive effect on health and wellbeing? (Arnolfini, Bristol, UK, January 24)


02 // City Sonic Places: experiencing the urban soundscape: A symposium exploring artistic and planning interventions into city soundscapes (London College of Communication, London, UK, February 2)

07 // Transforming Cities? Gentrification and Urban Contestation in Istanbul and London: How does ‘urban regeneration’ impact social justice? How does the process of ‘urban generation’ lead to gentrification according to class and ethnic lines? Panelists including Loretta Lees address these questions and more (LSE, London, UK, February 7)

20 // Living with Urban Heritage: This lecture looks at social polarisation in segregated urban environments, highlighting how urban space and architecture emphasise boundaries that are underpinned by the spatial memory in everyday life, yet obscure to unfamiliar visitors (University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK, February 20)


21 // Why Las Vegas? City as Prism: While Las Vegas is usually derided as an aberration in urbanism, this talk argues that — as a city of extremes — it can offer valuable insights into the nature of contemporary urbanism (Cardiff University, UK, February 21)

22 // Cities in Time: This lecture will explore temporary urbanism — from pop-up shops to Olympic parks — in the broader context of how different concepts of time are embedded in the city. How does institutionalised time regulate everyday urban life? How have technological and economic changes accelerated the city’s rhythms? (UCL, London, UK, February 22)

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