// A pick of the UK’s best upcoming events exploring cities, urbanism, architecture and urban life  //

// AUGUST //

Little Paradise in Bedminster, Bristol. Credit: Chris WIlkins

00 // Same Bed, Different Dreams: muf architecture/art presents different perspectives of the same place, Bedminster, a Bristol neighbourhood identified for ‘growth’. In association with community organisations, the exhibition explores different scales of ambition for the city and invites the wider community to map community assets and share ambitions for the future (The Architecture Centre, Bristol, Until September 16)

02 // The Future of Transport: How will people travel in the future? Will electric vehicles become the main form of road transportation and allow us to sell energy back to the grid? Join researchers from Newcastle University to discuss how transport will transform in the future (Urban Sciences Building, Newcastle Helix, Newcastle, August 2)

04 // Myths of Belfast: Stories of the Developing City: Architect and researcher Andrew Molloy leads a walking tour tracing the milestones of Belfast as it developed over the years, examining the impact of urban planning theories on the citizens of Belfast (PLACE, Belfast, August 4)

05 // Gentrification, Food Justice and London: Is community gardening only for hipsters? Who can afford to buy local, organic food? This event will explore the tensions between a vision of food justice that is based on localised food systems which feed, employ and empower communities, and a reality of local food politics that often excludes, exploits and erases marginalised communities (Impact Hub Brixton, London, August 5)

16 // The Future of Cities: Join Professor Mark Tewdwr-Jones, Professor of Town Planning and Director of Newcastle City Futures, Newcastle University to discuss the changes we could see in our cities in the future (Urban Sciences Building, Newcastle Helix, Newcastle, August 2)

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