// A pick of the best upcoming events exploring cities, urbanism, architecture and urban life  //

// JUNE //

00 // Sounds of the city: An exhibition of 100 illustrators presenting artwork that reflects their relationship with sound in our diverse and multi-layered cities. Accompanied by a series of events exploring urban sounds (London Transport Museum, UK, Until September 3)

00 // Urban Planning: Art and the City 1967–2017: An exhibition of work responding to the social, political, economic, and environmental effects of urban development in the United States (Contemporary Art Museum St Louis, US, Until August 13)

01 // London Festival of Architecture: Europe’s biggest annual architecture festival includes hundreds of events exploring “memory”, celebrating London as a global architectural hub and provoking questions about the life of the city, and promote positive change to its public realm (Across London, UK, June 1 – 30)

10 // Making and Re-Making Glasgow: Heritage and Sustainability: The Society of Architectural Historians presents this seminar exploring heritage as a public engagement with architectural, cultural, and civic history, and how Glasgow can best balance heritage and sustainability for the future? (Mackintosh Queen’s Cross, Glasgow, UK, June 10)

11 // Big capital: who is London for?: Anna Minton launches her new book interrogating how – and in whose interests – London became such a stark symbol of inequality, and analysing how current housing policy leads to gentrification and social cleansing across the city and beyond (Red Gallery, London, UK, June 11)

12 // Digital Citizen Engagement to Immersive Co-design: As part of PlanTech, a week-long series of events investigating technology’s transformative impact on the planning system, Future Cities Catapult asks how citizens could be enabled to become more engaged in the planning system and actively co-design their neighbourhoods (Future Cities Catapult, London, UK, June 12)

13 // Underground Cities: This symposium will explore themes related to the imagination of cities, their transitory forms, and their subterranean experiences (Manchester School of Architecture, Manchester, UK, June 13)

13 // Smell and the city: How should we design for smells in cities? How do urban scents trigger memories? Join the Young Urbanists for this interactive discussion and smell-mapping  as part of the London Festival of Architecture (The Gallery, London, UK, June 13)

13 // Buildings don’t matter: Irreverent architecture debate series Turncoats arrives in New York. This event tackles the statement: Great architects don’t make buildings, they make brands. From Aravena to Zaha, does the power of images transcend the impact of built reality? (Cooper Union, New York, US, June 13)

14 // A Century of Revolution in Architecture and Urbanism, 1917-2017: A lively discussion and new perspectives on the radical architecture and urbanism of the Russian Revolution, the Soviet avant garde – and beyond (Calvert 22 Space, London, UK, June 14)

15 // To gentrify or not to gentrify?: The Roundtable Convo platform partners with the Houston Museum of African American Culture to present this robust discussion on gentrification and its impact on the communities of Houston (HMAAC, Houston, US, June 15)

26 // Graffiti, memory and the city: A panel discussion as part of the London Festival of Architecture exploring how graffiti and memory work in the context of the city (The Cass, London, UK, June 26)

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