// A CALENDAR of the UK’s best upcoming events exploring cities, urbanism, architecture and urban life  //



01 // Climax City:  To launch new book Climax City – an exploration in maps of the growth of cities and the way they are planned – this event looks at the stories of cities around the world, from Tokyo to New York, and Jaipur to Milton Keynes (Nottingham Urban Room, Nottingham, 1 October)

14 // Richard Sennett and Saskia Sassen in Conversation:  A conversation about the ethics of the city and how contemporary urban environments can and do respond to the needs of their inhabitants (Royal Academy of Arts, London, 14 October)

15 // Whose Public Realm?:  The Young Urbanists present a discussion on the implications of privately-owned public spaces and the creeping role of corporate advertising in Bristol’s public spaces (The Architecture Centre, Bristol, 15 October)

17 // Signs of Urban Change:  A symposium bringing together academics, communities, and artists in conversation about urban change (Birkbeck, London, 17 October)

17 // Can We Thrive As An Urban Species?  Bringing together recent findings by leading researchers on cities and the environment, speakers will explore the benefits and issues of urban living and how to balance the goals of expanding opportunity, addressing inequalities and reducing our impact on the planet (Wills Memorial Building, Bristol, 17 October)

Climax City

18 // Green Infrastructure – Past, Present and Future:  This one-day symposium brings together leaders in green infrastructure, urban and community forestry, and landscape and urban planning to discuss how to support green infrastructure, whether we have got it right and  what benefits it delivers (The University of Manchester, Manchester, 18 October)

19 // The Graphic Novel and the City:  Featuring the authors and artists of graphic novels which centre around the all-encompassing city, this panel discusses how urban worlds are constructed, what is so intriguing about the city and how this can be captured in graphic novel form (St Stephens Church, Edinburgh, 19 October)

22 // 4×4 Manchester: Sin City?:  4×4 is back for a one-off special, looking at the moral conundrums associated with urban growth and development. With special guest speaker Olly Wainwright (Fairfield Social Club, Manchester, 22 October)

28 // Picturing the City: Join a panel of speakers and explore how images shape our cities, and how pictures of London can alter our perception of our urban environment (Royal Academy of Arts, London, 28 October)

31 // Urbanisms III: Videogame Urbanism:  Explore the relationship between video games and architecture in this talk and pop-up exhibition of You+Pea’s work (Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art , Manchester, 31 October)

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