// A CALENDAR of the UK’s best upcoming events exploring cities, urbanism, architecture and urban life  //


// JULY //

00 // Knock Nothing Down: An opportunity to explore a selection of projects by late architect Will Alsop and his practice, which reimagine new cities above existing ones (Royal Academy of Arts, London, Until 26 August)

00 // Leeds Festival of Architecture: A series of talks and events organised by RIBA Yorkshire and the Leeds Society of Architects (LSA), celebrating architecture and exploring the future of Leeds (Across Leeds, Until 25 July)

18 // Market Forces: Talks and discussion on the relationship between art and gentrification. How have the arts been co-opted for gentrification? What is the impact on communities and how can people work together to actively counteract the negative effects? (Bike for Good Glasgow South, Glasgow, 18 July)

23 // Towards London 3.0: Patricia Brown delivers a talk for the Academy of Urbanism on how we might achieve a better quality of life in cities like London amid complex, and competing, external forces (The Gallery of Cowcross Street, London, 23 July)

26 // Sound Ecology in a National Park City: This guided walk leads you through a variety of soundscapes and urban environments while sharing and exploring approaches to sound ecology (Starts at North Greenwich station, London, 26 July)

30 // Urban Space and Queer Subcultures: Spoken Word Night: Four spoken-word artists capture experiences of navigating a city’s architecture – journeying from patriarchal, urban spaces to queer subcultures (Autograph, London, 30 July)

// AUGUST //

24 // Edgelands: Architecture at the City’s Limits:  Led by The London Ambler, this walk explores the liminal buildings, streets and spaces that have grown up in the shadow of the ancient City of London (Starts at Tower Hill, London, 24 August)

29 // Urbanisms I: The Future(s) of Manchester:  A panel discussion with leaders in the fields of architecture, environmental research and urban planning to look at the potential future(s) of the city of Manchester, focusing on sustainable and socially conscious approaches to architecture and planning (Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Manchester, 29 August)

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