// civic action

Projects and organisations involving communities in active urban improvement


596 Acres: New York-based organisation connecting residents to vacant land in the city and enabling them to transform empty plots into green spaces and community hubs

Changify: A mobile platform to crowdsource, crowdsolve and crowdfund urban issues

Civic Hub: Helping build community to achieve collaborative planning and design processes

coUrbanize: Interactive platform helping communities and developers build better cities together

LA Open Acres: LA-based organisation connecting residents to vacant land in the city and enabling them to create mini-parks, urban farms, playgrounds, and other public spaces

make:good: A design studio that engages and empowers people to make positive local change

Participate in Design: An organisation in Singapore dedicated to engaging and enabling people in shaping their environments and local communities

Pidgin Perfect: Glasgow studio aiming to build better communities through participation

Public workshop: Creating opportunities for young people to shape the design of their cities

Social Bite: A chain of sandwich shops in Scottish cities which employ local homeless people, allow customers to buy meals for the homeless and donate 100% of profits to charity

Streetlife: An online platform for connecting with people in your neighbourhood

The Civic Crowd: A community action platform which maps citizen-powered projects and ideas and provides the means for communities to come together and drive positive change in their area

UFLOW: Urban Future Leaders of the World (uFLOW) harnesses the energy, creativity and passion of youth towards positive community change in their cities



Email us about projects: editor@thinkingcity.org


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