// creative spaces

Projects bringing culture and creativity into experiencing and improving the city

Beam: Working with artists and communities to enhance places through the development of creative arts projects

Candy Chang: Playful, imaginative projects connecting people’s lives and stories to the city

CREATE: Exploring the ways artists can contribute to the lives of people in cities and helping artists to connect more closely with communities

[freespace]: A movement promoting the creation of community spaces where people can create, teach, learn, and share things they are passionate about

Publicolor – Paint Club: Run by youth education non-profit Publicolor, Paint Club is an afterschool youth development programme that engages students in transforming their own schools through colourful paint

Theatrum Mundi: A forum and network asking questions about urban culture, including how the connections between performance, design and politics can help us understand cities

The Center for Urban Pedagogy: A nonprofit organisation that uses the power of design and art to improve civic engagement and urban learning

The Laundromat Project: A community-based public art non-profit that brings artists and arts programming to laundromats and other everyday community spaces in the Greater New York area through programmes which seek to build community networks

UP Projects: UP Projects curates, commissions and produces contemporary art that explores heritage, identity and place, engaging citizens of London and the UK. They believe that art can empower communities and enrich the public sphere



Email us about projects: editor@thinkingcity.org

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